IIT Hyderabad eyes sponsored research funding worth $ 15 million

"We want to be looked upon as a research institution," stated Professor Desai

Professor U B Desai, Director, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT Hyderabad) has stated that the premier institution is looking forward to bringing in as much as $15 million in sponsored research funding in the coming years. IIT Hyderabad has already secured sponsored researched projects worth over $20 million since its inception in 2008.
"We are already working on several large proposals in the realm of Rs 2 crore to Rs 30 crore. In two years, we should hit the $30 million mark; we may reach a target of $35 million in two years," said Desai. 
Professor Desai stated that IIT Hyderabad is eyeing research into digital fabrication, 5G broadband technology, clean storage technology and the Internet of things (IoT). "We want to be looked upon as a research institution," he stated. Observing the impending launch of 5G in 2019-2020, Desai stated that IIT Hyderabad wants to work on 5G broadband technology. "We want to get some of our ideas and patents in 5G standards," he stated.
Desai added that faculty at IIT Hyderabad is already engaged in research in clean energy and distribution grids. The institute has already filed 30 patents and hopes to add another 30 in the next two years.
The director stated that IIT Hyderabad is actively engaged in innovation and research in several areas. "We really want to create academic programmes with a lot more projects out there."
"Today, students engage best when they are doing something. They are unable to engage in a situation where they are in the class room and I am talking for one hour. After 10 minutes, they are turned off. We want to create a space or some sort of system where lot more doing is involved. You learn the same principles, theories, concepts, everything but by doing and playing, creating a nice harmony between doing and theory part of it," he said.

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