Forgery proof certificates and mark-sheets by NIT Delhi

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Forgery proof certificates and mark-sheets by NIT Delhi

The National Institute of Technology, Delhi (NIT) has taken technology that prevents forgery of documents developed by Authenticate Pte Ltd. And used it to create certificates and mark sheets that cannot be forged. The certificates and mark sheets that will be issued by the institute will now carry a secure code that can be validated by any person using a common smartphone.

The problem of illegal degree mills and forged certification plagues India’s education system. NIT Delhi’s endeavour and commitment is to provide world class education to its students and thus preserve the value of the degree they gain through this measure. NIT has taken a positive initiative to proactively safeguard their student mark sheets and certificates from forgery. Professor Ajay K Sharma, Director, NIT Delhi stated to the media “Change is always in our hands, and at NIT we will always take every step to ensure that we secure the future of our students. Authenticate’s solution helps us to make all our documents unforgeable.”

Authenticate’s technology encrypts the important data of a document into a highly secured two-dimensional barcode which then becomes a part of the document. This barcode contains the original data encrypted using highly complex algorithms, making the document unforgeable. Anyone with a common smartphone can scan this code using Authenticate’s freely available application(on the website of NIT Delhi) to validate the original data which the app decrypts from the barcode. This mobile application works in offline mode without an internet connection. 

Sunil Rai, Director of Sales, Authenticate India added “There are millions of people with fake degrees and diplomas in every country, including India. Authenticate protects the reputation and name of educational institutions by making their documents unforgeable and empowers a common man to validate the authenticity of those documents.  We are happy that NIT understands the importance of the solution and is setting an example for other educational institutions

NIT Delhi has used Authenticate’s solution to prevent forgery of its documents