GIFT develops Android apps

GIFT has aimed to make the time spent online more productive with their android apps

The Gandhi Institute for Technology has deployed Android Apps as an easy and viable medium to educate their students. They estimate that a student spends nearly 2-3 hours daily using the internet for chatting, gaming or downloading and studying eBooks of known authors. With this in mind they have aimed to make the time spent online more productive with their GIFT developed android apps such as

GIFT Notice

Gift Notice is a useful Android app that bridges the communication between administration and the students. This app is particularly helpful to all Giftians with a valid username and password to access Notices anywhere anytime with their Android Cell Phones/ tabs. By this, the information of any changes or any developments can be known to the students in real time.

Faculty CL

This app has been very useful to those who wish to apply for Casual Leave (CL) for their personal or official purposes. The app allows a particular faculty member to login into the app by the help of a username and a password. The app also allows maximum 3 attempts of logging failing which no further access will be available to the user, i.e., the faculty member. The app is scrutinized by the HoD of the concerned department as well as the Dean (academics) who are the authorities in granting CL to the particular faculty member.

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