Scholars appointed under UGC’s Faculty Recharge Programme

Smriti Irani releases the list of appointments for this year made under the UGC initiative 'Faculty Recharge Programme' to bring talented, expert faculty from overseas back to India

Human Resource Minister Development Smriti Irani, yesterday, released the new list of faculty appointments made by the UGC under the Faculty Recharge Programme. Close to 102 scholars, 45 percent of whom are from overseas, have been appointed to faculty positions in scientific disciplines in institutes in the country under the FRP, according to the statement.

The FRP appointments are made with the vision to recruit national-level, highly-motivated faculty, including those working overseas, with a flair for research in frontier areas of science. The statement read, “The programme provides a vehicle to plough back talent, as a reversal of brain drain, into the country in the hope that they will bring into our higher education system a rich culture of new thoughts and ideas for cross fertilization of the same in our system.”

The programme plans to recruit 1,000 faculty members over a period of five years. According to a UGC statement about the FRP, “A significant facet of this exercise relate to the number of successful women candidates (23 per cent) and overseas candidates (45 per cent). "The present initiative is in conformity with the vision of the [MHRD] to promote the concept of ‘Teach in India’."

The candidates under FRP are selected for their expertise, contributions and research in physics, mathematical sciences, chemical sciences, biological sciences, engineering sciences and earth sciences.

"This initiative is going to give a fillip to quality teaching and research in the university system, both Central and State, at a time when we have severe shortage of teaching faculty," Irani’s statement said.

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