Factoring in Faculty

Choosing the right faculty is the most important factor in your drive for excellence

What would you rather have: a good team with a bad idea, or a good idea with a bad team?

A good team always figures out a bad idea, but there is not much you can do with a bad team. That is why choosing the right faculty is the most important factor in your drive for excellence. The faculty members of an institution are its ambassadors. The teachers directly interact with the students and create an impression about the institution and the values and mores for which it stands.

Little wonder, that the majority (84%) of the respondents said qualification and experience of the faculty was very important and rated it the highest on the importance scale.

Unfortunately, there is a famine of good teachers. The Human Resource Development Ministrys task force has declared that there is a shortage of three lakh teachers in higher education. Institution administrators are often heard complaining that it is difficult to get reasonably experienced faculty from among the available faculty pool. Apparently, the only way to bridge this shortfall of good teachers is for institutions to concentrate on faculty development and training.

The role of a teacher as a communicator came up strongly in the survey. The respondents were almost unanimous in their views that the relationship which a teacher builds with his/her students is critical. To quote a respondent: Not all worldly qualifications make a teacher a contributor. It is an art that originates in the heart of the person: to interact and act as a mentor. A genuine interest in the progress of students is the prerequisite to your becoming a teacher who is a class apart from the rest of the herd.

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