An Institution is the Students it Produces

A school's reputation is linked to its alumni reputation

At the end of the day, an institution is finally gauged by the performance of its students, both while studying at the institution and after they leave it. Students are the ultimate brand ambassadors of their schools. It is important for institutions to attract the right students, and the selection process, is hence, critical. However, it has been found that education leaders are not as concerned about the kind of students taken in through competitive exams, as they are about the achievements of their alumni.

A good sign, as an institution must be committed to equipping its students with the life skills required to adapt to a constantly changing world. A schools reputation is linked to its alumni reputation. The top institutions of the world have some of the most high-profile achievers on its alumni rolls of honour. Harvard is the alma mater of 62 living billionaires. According to the Guardian: a survey of living MIT alumni found that they have formed 25,800 companies, employing more than three million people including about a quarter of the workforce of Silicon Valley.

However, most institutions in India do not have an active alumni relationship programme. There is a lot that an institution can achieve through interactions with its former students.

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