Leadership and Corporate Accountability India: Harvard business school education program

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  •  Dec 12, 2013
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An executive education program on Leadership and Corporate Accountability India will be conducted by the Harvard Business School

An executive education program onLeadership and Corporate Accountability India will be conducted by the Harvard Business School at theHBS style classroom at Taj Lands End, Mumbai from November 18-21, 2013.The programs is aimed at executives in key decision-making roles at the divisional level and above in large established companies.

Rohit Deshpand,Sebastian S. Kresge HBS Professor of Marketing and faculty chair of Leadership and Corporate Accountability India spoke to the media about the upcoming event sayingThe challenges facing today's business leaders are more daunting than ever. In this environment of heightened competition and transparency, executives are expected to consider the impact of every decision on their organization and community. The Leadership and Corporate Accountability India program helps establish guidelines for making decisions that simultaneously support the organization's financial needs, legal requirements, and ethical obligations,.

The programs will also focus on creating new ways in which sound leadership and corporate accountability can turn into a competitive advantage. This has been done keeping in mind the regions slowing growth and increasing competition for customers and capital.

Karthik Ramanna,HBS Associate Professor of Business Administration andLeadership and Corporate Accountability Indiaand faculty member also explained what will be gained from the program saying Leadership and Corporate AccountabilityIndia is built around highly illustrative regional and global case studies that represent a broad range of issues faced by corporate leaders across businesses, industries, and countries.It emerged as a response to the internal and external governance challenges faced by many hence it will prepare participants in this changing global society filled with competing claims from multiple stakeholders (stockholders, employees, customers, governments). They will return with an understanding of the values, incentives, and risk management systems that need to be put in place to guide their organization through these complex times, .

The India portfolio will be taught by the Schools own full-time faculty using the HBS case method.Faculty lectures, discussions, and case studies will be held to assist in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill corporate responsibilities.

The program had been created keeping in mind; leading-edge global research, prevailing codes of business conduct, and the curriculum of Harvard's highly successful Leadership and Corporate Accountability required MBA course. Best-practice cases on Indian companies such as crisis management at Taj Hotels during 26/11, and building a globally trusted brand at Infosys will also be discussed.

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