Deal firmly with politics and corruption

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Deal firmly with politics and corruption

If one looks at looks at Harvard, there are three things that have made it what it is:

1. High quality of teachers

2. High quality research output

3. Exceptional concepts and models developed

These are exactly what IIM Rohtak aims to achieve. Indias education produces students who have got Obama worried.

It may be incorrect to say that Indian institutions are non-performing. If our education system was really sub-standard, our students who go to the best US institutions after basic education or graduation in India, would not have excelled; US President Barack Obama would not have worried about Indians (and Chinese) replacing Americans in US institutions and about not enough Americans taking up Math and Science compared to Indians (and Chinese).

Several institutions like the IITs, IIMs and NITs besides some central universities like JNU are doing well in India. In fact, students from IITs have regularly been going to the best institutions in the US for higher research.

Political favouritism and corruption need to stop and funding needs to be created for our varsities to excel. It is undeniable that we do not have enough funding for our institutions and therefore are not able to produce breakthrough scientific research and Nobel Prize winners. Most often, it is because of political favouritism, indifference and corruption that institutions do not have adequate funding, right policies or management and correct attitude and approach. If a few of these things are taken care of and funding provided, we can definitely produce many institutions which are world class. Here are some suggestions to take our higher-education to world class level:

1. We need to articulate a very clear and agreeable vision. For instance, when I said to my board that IIM Rohtak should be a global leader, I was laughed at. So I asked them a simple question: If 2000 years ago Nalanda could be a global institution, then today, when India has a lot of things working for it, like technology and manpower, why cant we roduce a few global institutions? Vision starts with a belief and we need to make that belief our vision and work towards fulfilling

that vision. If we doubt ourselves, then nothing will come out of our vision.

2. Politically oriented decisions and corruption oriented actions should stop.

3. Institutions should be provided with enough funds and resources. The resources should be developed and provided based on purely national interest and not on regional, cast and political concerns.

P Rameshan, IIM Rohtak shares his views on what Indian institutions can do to strive for excellence.