Cyient Foundation brings Digital Empowerment to Neighborhoods

The first initiative in skills development will train over 3,500 students from 19 tier-2 engineering colleges

The Cyient Foundation will be launching of two programs—the first which will aim at skills development to make more engineering graduates employable, and the other to empower neighborhood communities to participate actively in Digital India. 

The first initiative in skills development will train over 3,500 students from 19 tier-2 engineering colleges. Students will be made industry-ready as part of its unique skill development program delivered by Global Talent Track (GTT).  They will enhance the employability of engineering students and create a pool of quality talent. 

Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder and Trustee, Cyient Foundation stated to the media “Less than 25% of engineering graduates find suitable jobs. Cyient Foundation is addressing this challenge.  We will groom engineering students on a large scale, through high-quality training programs aimed at equipping them with industry-relevant skills.  The foundation has already identified 3,500 students from 19 engineering colleges where specialized training programs will be provided. This will ensure students enhance their skills while they are still in the colleges, thereby improving chances for employability.”

The second initiative, National Digital Literacy Mission will empower neighborhood communities with digital literacy, and facilitate the use of digitally-enabled citizen services.  These digitally literate citizens will be able to participate actively in the government’s “Digital India” initiative.  As part of the program, 2000 community members, one from each family, would be trained to operate a computer or a digital access device (such as a tablet), and use the Internet to search for information, send/receive emails and access various e-governance services.  Training modules have been developed by NASSCOM FOUNDATION, covering content on health, education, literacy and livelihood. The Cyient Foundation will also partner with an NGO specialized in executing community development programs.

Dr. Reddy spoke on the NDLM saying “Engaging primarily with youth and women, the program will generate social, cultural and economic advantages for under-served communities. The initial phase of the program will use the Cyient Foundation adopted schools infrastructure in suburban Hyderabad.  We feel very delighted to participate in the government’s new Digital India initiative” 

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