Google launches Education Blog

Teachers and students can learn about Google tools that can help them in their work in the classroom

Google has created and launched a Google for Education Blog that will give educators and students information about new technologies, products, apps and services that assist learning. Megan Smith, a vice president of the Google X research division spoke about the development in an Aug. 28 post on the Google for Education Blog.

She stated in her post "We love to focus on solving problems. Sometimes practically and other times with wild, imaginative—or even highly unexpected—ideas. These ideas are born through education, when curiosity meets access to information. That's why we have a vested interest in, and commitment to, learning in all forms.”

The teachers can learn about Google tools that can help them in their work in the classroom. Students can learn from the teachers and the blog as well. Google will focus on building products and tools designed for the classroom. Collaborative tools like Google Apps for Education with Classroom, easy-to-manage affordable devices like Chromebooks and tablets, and limitless educational content in Google Play for Education and YouTube will be covered here.

Megan added “It's also why we're starting this Google for Education Blog: a new destination to share our work that's happening across education, from products to programs, from the practical to the unimaginable." One goal of the new blog is to "help more students feel engaged and love learning, to encourage their curiosity, to let them work together, to try something new, to make stuff, and to always try again".

"Through programs like Made with Code, Doodle 4 Google, and the Google Science Fair, we strive to help students discover the problems they are passionate about solving. Time and time again youth prove that you don't always have to be a grown-up to bring forward extraordinary solutions. This blog will be a place to hear about those programs and talented young people." 

Source and Credit: eWeek

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