Vocational university offers cloud based training

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Vocational university offers cloud based training

Gujarat and TeamLease have started operations with India's first vocational university. The initial offerings at the varosty are built around specialisation in three segments-mechatronics, information technology hardware and, finance and business operations with 20 faculty members. The courses are available in corporate education, cloud-based training, NETAP (apprenticeship programme) and campus modes. The first batch commenced in August with 4,000 students at TeamLease Skills University.

Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder and senior vice-president, TeamLease stated to the media "Since this is the first attempt towards a vocational university in India, we wanted to go slow in terms of the feedback we receive. Our aim is to touch 10,000 students in the next three years. We accept that the students joining the university are not the brightest. We want to give them the flexibility of studying and working. So, students, after completion of their first year, will get a completion certificate and can join the workforce. If the student plans to return to complete his studies then he need not start from scratch again. He or She will automatically go to the next year”.

She also pointed out that India has a high dropout rate where six students out of 10 dropout by the time they reach the 12th standard. She added “The Indian higher system has limited its focus on the formal sector which constitutes eight per cent of the labour force. The rest 92 per cent in informal sector is outside the ambit of the universities”.

Source and Credit: Business Standard

The courses in mechatronics, information technology hardware, finance and business operations are available in cloud-based training mode