What AAP’s win means for higher-ed in Delhi

An election manifesto that listed education as a top priority has helped AAP secure a landslide victory. EDU lists out seven ways this win will affect higher-ed

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led by Arvind Kejriwal, in its Delhi Election 2015 manifesto had declared that education and health will be the top priorities if it gets into power. With the party registering a historic win in Delhi Elections today, here’s a look at what an AAP government could mean for higher education in Delhi:

1. The education budget will be increased: With a clear focus on education and health the AAP government is likely to increase budgetary allocations for the two sectors.

2. The outskirts of Delhi will get 20 new colleges: The party has said that 20 new degree colleges will be established in partnership with the villages of Delhi.

3. The seats at colleges under Delhi government will be doubled: AAP has also declared that the existing seat capacity of Delhi government administered colleges including that of Ambedkar University will be doubled.

4. Entrepreneurship will be encouraged in Delhi Colleges: The curriculum of the new colleges that will be set up will be focused on skills and entrepreneurship. Students will be encouraged to start their ventures at incubation centres within these colleges.

5. No student will be denied higher education for want of funds: With its “Higher Education Guarantee Scheme,” AAP has promised that “Students who wish to pursue any diploma or degree course after finishing Class 12 from any school in Delhi will be given bank loans with the government standing as a guarantor.” It has assured that every student who gets admission and applies for a loan will get it.

6. Vocational education will get an impetus: The party has said that it will set up a Delhi Skill Mission to bridge the skill gap in Delhi's school and college students. It will “enable one lakh youth per year for the first 2 years, ramping up to five lakh youth per year for the next 3 years.”

7. Education will be made inclusive with easy access for the disabled: The party has declared that it will “ensure implementation of the 3 percent reservation for persons with disability.” The disabled will be assured admission into schools and colleges and institutions working for the disabled will get financial support.

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