IITs to blacklist 20 firms for reneging on offers made during campus placements

This kind of behavior will not be tolerated stated AIPC convenor Kaustubh Mohanty

Sources revealed that as many as 20 firms that will be blacklisted by the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) for the coming placement season. The companies, mainly start ups and e-commerce firms will be blacklisting for going back on offers they made to students during the campus placements. The IITs will also be issuing warnings to some firms that changed the joining dates, job profiles or salary packages that had earlier been promised. The last placement season had seen several firms that deferred joining dates or withdrew the offers altogether that jeopardized the prospects of many students that had been hired from the campus.
The IITs are yet to finalise of the list of the erring firms. “We do not want this to be repeated this year,” a teacher at the IITs stated.
“IITs are unanimous that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated,” stated Kaustubh Mohanty, convenor, All IIT Placement Committee (AIPC). At a recent meeting of the AIPC, it was decided that the erring companies would be grouped into three categories- Companies that deferred the joining of the students; companies that changed the job profiles and salary packages and companies that withdrew their offers. The AIPC also decided that the former two groups will be issued warning letters while the companies that withdrew their offers altogether would be blacklisted.
According to sources Flipkart will be issued a warning while Zomato will be blacklisted for another year.

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